Look out for Dr Potter

Vita Crew mystery number 3 is out now. In Dr Potter’s Private Practice, Vita becomes involved in the mystery surrounding an anonymous patient brought into the hospital. Although she is desperate to stick to her books over the Christmas vacation, she is distracted by curiosity and soon gets caught up in the lives of the people connected with the nameless patient.

I had a lot of fun writing Dr Potter. It was based on a short story I wrote some time ago, about a young doctor who slowly realises what is going on in the practice he joins, and then has to decide what to do about it.

Because Dr Potter is a Christmas mystery there was the additional challenge of making the atmosphere wintery and festive. Enter Aunt Louisa’s chef, Monsieur Emile Picard, whose ideas of a Christmas party menu are rather different from Aunt Louisa’s. Who will win in the diamond-cuts-diamond tussle over the menu? You’ll find out at the end.



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