Sister Emelda - who is out on mission in Peru - asked for a writing partner from the Fens hoping, that letters of the calm, everyday life in a little convent of her homeland could somehow ssothe her homesickness.
Sister Boniface (Sister B) write her first letter to Sister Emelda on the day her little convent (St. Winifreda’s) opens its very own Shoppe. The book contains Sister B's every letter sent out to Peru, you're to find that life in a small convent - especially one that gets its residents from all over the world - is not nearly as uneventful as you would have thought.
A wonderfully written book, I could barely put it down. Its humor and charm captivates the reader right from the beginning. I haven't read quite an enjoyable book in a while! Thank you, Fran Smith! - Kata, GoodReads ***** Sister B (Boniface) receives a letter from Sister Emelda, whose mission is in Peru, asking for membership in Sisters Worldwide Writing Circle which was started so that nuns could write and encourage other nuns. This begins their pen-pal relationship—each letter Sister B writes tells the doings at St. Winifreda’s in Three Fens. Sister B has opened a small shop at the convent where she plans to sell organic vegetables and handmade items to help with repairs on the run down building. It soon takes on a life of its own with the help from a cast of quirky characters and a dose of divine intervention. Charming, witty with a dash of suspense and sorrow to keep it real; it reminded me of my favorite TV series Call the Midwife. I’m giving 5 stars to Fran Smith for Best Wishes Sister B, which I read in Kindle. Pamela - GoodReads ***** bought this as I was looking for a different style of writing and always looking for new authors. In this book I definitely found both! This book is written as a series of letters between 2 nuns, one of them is currently living in Peru (as a missionary I think) and the other in a convent here in the UK and details the day to day running of the English convent. As an atheist I did wonder if there would be too much god and whether any religion would be shoved in my face as I read but no absolutely not! This is a very funny book and I read it in one go laughing out loud in many places, I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who wants a good laugh - especially in the part when Sister B manages to cover the bishop in lemon drizzle cake! I won't say more than that in case of spoilers. Looking forward to reading more of Fran Smith soon - Amazon Reviewer *****